What people think of us

Recently I had 2 extractions done by the very professional and lovely dentist Dr. Mary-Anne Svoboda. In the past I always had a terrible fear of visiting the dentist's office but Dr. Svoboda managed to change all that by making me feel relaxed, even comfortable. Thank you doctor ! Regards, your patient Nola Jean Jandejsek
Nola Jandejsek
Wonderful service, friendly people and it\'s a great place to be.
Krysta Jillard
Great service and always pleasant to deal with both the hygienists and the receptionists. Thanks for helping to keep my smile beautiful!
C Santos
Great cleanings-great dentists! Many years of great service
Deborah Hilton
The service is great, Dave is outstanding and my family has been coming here for over 20 years.
Ryan szeli
Friendly faces, great professional staff. Dr. Kristina and Lily are always accommodating and timely which makes for a great visit.
Jeanette Hagg
I have had been to three other dental offices in my life and park place is by far the BEST dental place I\'ve been too. You feel like you are at a friends house (relaxing).
This place is fantastic,mvery warm, welcoming, friendly, and has a knowledgable staff. I actually forgot that I was afraid of the dentist.
Terrence Gwinnett
Wow great dental office. Staff is wonderful and caring about your needs. Thank you.
Lily Cih
Dr. kristina and lily are great. Can\'t wait to come back. Great staff and lovely office.
Andy Cih
David does a great job cleaning, like a car wash for your mouth
Graham nicol
I discovered this gem (I know..a dental office right) last year! Not only is everyone knowledgable but they make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. They have most definitely found a loyal patient it me! Thanks ParkPlace Dental Centre!
Best dentist ever
David was great on my first visit. Very knowledgeable and he gave good explanations Thank you
Claude jacques
It\'s expensive and their never on time with the appointments. It\'s like waiting at a doctors office, but at least they are concerened about their patients (eg. You need to floss otherwise blah blah blah)
Robbie J
Great job!
Jodie McLoughlin
Great job. Very through cleaning and Dr. Jezebel thanks again for your help.
Rodney smith
Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Nice facility and equipment. They make getting a crown as nice of an experience as possible!
Joe Pearson
I have always been one to fear going to the dentist. The entire staff is so wonderful at Parkplace Dental. Everyone makes me feel welcomed and very comfortable. Can\'t say enough about the hygienists and the doctors. They make the experience wonderful!
Janet Zaharchuk
Great dental office. I had my dental implant done by Dr Svoboda. I was a little nervous about it but Parkplace made the process painless and affordable with easy payments. The implant is great and now I visit them regularly for all my dental needs. Thank you.
P. Konczyk